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Christmas madness

I'm awfully glad Christmas is over. It's not that we didn't have a good one, since we certainly did, but it about killed us! What with trying to make it a good one for the kids, and each other, and, as usual, taking on more that probably we should have...I feel today as though I'd been bludgeoned. Without the bruising.

I agreed to do my very first catering gig on Christmas Eve for the staff of a local jewelry store. I planned the menu, ran it by the lady in charge, got it approved, did my shopping, and worked ahead. The night before, I innocently observed to my husband that things were going really smoothly and I was proud of my organized self.

Bad! Really bad!

We work up the next morning to no power. I tried to be calm. I called PG&E and nicely asked what was going on. Apparently 2,000 people in the area were without power. I still don't know why. I was told that the they hoped the power would be restored by 11am. I was supposed to start serving at 11.30! I looked at Don. He looked at me. "Do we have any charcoal?"

My sainted husband, on Christmas Eve, started grilling. And it wasn't easy stuff to grill, either! Meatballs! Little pieces of chicken satay! Did I mention the meatballs?

And it turned out wonderfully. Grilled meatballs are delicious. The power returned at noon (just after I'd loaded to car up to finish the menu at our office). We got everything together by 12.30. Delivered to the store by 1. Celebration and kudos all around. Had a well-deserved glass of wine after, and killed some monsters on Dragon Quest VIII.

Wanna hear the menu? Pepper-crusted steak with horseradish cream on garlic crostini, chicken satay, sweet and sour meatballs, spinach parmesan balls, hot spinach-artichoke dip with bagel chips, smoky ranch dip with assorted crunchy veggies, chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, and a box of buckeyes for the store's owner.

Rumor has it that my friend Peggy, who works at the store, hogged all the leftovers for herself.

A success! And if I can pull that off without power, just imagine what I could do with a working oven.

Grilled meatballs, though. You've gotta try 'em.
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