December 28th, 2006

Bunker Kitty

Flattering...and yet

Every other week I publish a food column in our free (and locally-owned!) newspaper. This originally started because a columnist failed to turn something in. Looking back, I've been publishing something every other week for about a year now. I get a comment every once in a while ("Lima bean soup? Lima beans taste like ass!"), but, most of the time, no one says anything.

A couple of days ago we got a call in the office - our editorial assistant took the call.

"Yes, guys ran an article about a year ago with a recipe for artichoke dip - I was wondering if I could get a copy of that issue?"

(All right, for one, we do have archive copies (we're not on-line yet), but you're not going to get a cordial answer from anyone here if we have to go through the boxes.)

We have two food columnists (we switch off), one, a real-live cook and the Agricultural Marketing Director for this county), and me...a home cook with a "for the love of God and sweet baby Jesus would somebody fill this space" columnist. But that one happened to be mine, and it happened to be one of which I am particularly fond.

I put it together a few years ago when I planned to take it to a potluck at another newspaper group (not locally-owned!). When I told one of my friends I was making artichoke dip, he told me that he wouldn't be able to have any since all artichoke dip contained mayonnaise and he hated mayonnaise.

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So, of course I still had the file on my system here and I sent it off to her directly. But strange is it that someone would remember a recipe from a year ago? In a weekly paper? I mean, I probably would, but I'm food-obsessed. I'm very flattered, and I do hope she likes it. If I a teensy bit less mature, I could picture myself chucking the recipe at the poor lady's head and running off, all, "Thanks for the compliment...weirdo."