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Well, I've gone and done it. After making spanakopita by the hundreds the last couple of months, my most requested recipe? Buckeyes.
It's totally not my fault. Well, it totally is my fault. I got my first catering gig (by asking for it - heh) and then proceeded to put off doing anything about it until the night before. I chose something I remembered from childhood, something cheap to make, plentiful, and relatively quick.
And gag-inducingly sweet! This is the list of ingredients: peanut butter, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, mixed up. Chilled. Dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate chips slicked by a tablespoonful of vegetable oil.
And they were a hit! I had people asking me to put it in the next issue of the paper! So what could I have done? I did it.
I did, however, editorialize in the recipe that if I were to make them again, just for myself, I'd cut the sugar AT LEAST by a third, and use bittersweet chocolate.
Heck, I sent the leftovers home with the kids. Perfectly kid-acceptable stuff.
If you tinged the peanut butter red it'd also be coolio for Halloween.

Oh, and Kady, if you read this - we have cooking club tonight! Lamb for all!

On another note, my husband has, for the first time, let me use his iPod! I am enjoying his song selections. Ooh! David Bowie! Eep! Styx! Huh? Dust in the Wind? Honey, your iPod says this is the Eagles, when everyone knows it's Kansas...I mean...oh...

Moving on.

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